Kermit in Squid Game

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memes by cowbelly

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    1. Tanny Zhu

      ZMM on the ASX. 99% down. Smart money investment

    2. Diana Patricia Malinas


    3. Md. Abrar Aowsaf Nuhan


    4. Yelena Stoyanova

      And i like he stopped

    5. Nrbuh

      I ‘ m t h I r s t y

    6. Rajani Vinod


    7. lovefooty1


    8. Jared Johnston Lego stopmotion

      Do Dora next

    9. Lucas ilagan pro

      when theres 457 people in squid games

    10. Larkin Doonkeen


    11. Taniya Tanishq


    12. Norafidah Pidah


    13. Kian Aboloc


    14. Kian Aboloc


    15. Alice  phy

      Ah wow

    16. Marquez Sangiao


    17. roleisha42

      I saw this video on a ad the app who made me watch phone call from squid game 😠😠😠😠😠when.are.not babies

    18. Doom At Dusk

      That default dance was so random that I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    19. Mussarat Anwar

      In squid game

    20. Mussarat Anwar

      Why is he dancing

    21. Lumturije Fikaj


    22. Callum the god


    23. e-100

      What is squid game

    24. Vipin Sharma


    25. 𝐧𝐨𝐞


    26. 𝐧𝐨𝐞


    27. Doreen Dimagiba


    28. Chuchi Montaño


    29. Chuchi Montaño

      Ang buang isa part dream nga loptop katong dula minecraft java edition

    30. Meme


    31. Fernalyn Sajulga


    32. Laura Hammond

      Omg that is so funny his dance and he doesn't even care I'm dying

      1. Bianca Easton

        I know

      2. Father Gabriel Stokes


    33. Leondrae Johnson


    34. XxReliveKushxX

      if theres a rock in reality it exists if the rock never formed it doesnt exist if nothingness is there nothingness exists if nothingness doesnt exist nothingness in it's own definition means itself to it's own word

    35. Maddies Crazy Life


    36. 김준성


    37. Mohamed Amine Bourhim

      kermit dance dool kill them lol🤣😂😂

    38. هياء صالح العبدان


    39. Mahtab Rezaie


    40. Maria Block


    41. djtucker586


    42. Sad boyfriend XML

      Should’ve made him with a suit on

    43. djtucker586


    44. djtucker586


    45. Genix

      Kermit kinda lucky tho the earth is spinning so you can’t completely stand still but Kermit is a puppet

    46. Alper Yılmaz

      Bunlar kesin yalan

    47. rizwan Ahamed

      75M views? Bro you're killing it in the YT memes

    48. Jonathan Chen

      Kermit: Wait I just had a FUCKING BRUH MOMENT

    49. Laarni Ranile

      Hehe haha

    50. wenhu

      This made 75 MILLION views lol

    51. SOD_Pump PS4

      No frogs/puppets were harmed in making squid game 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Roberta Bravo

      Fortnite yes siiiiiiiirr

    53. Alok Kr. Minz

      Oooh niceeeeeeeeee

    54. Sait Özkol


    55. spiders🕷🕸


    56. Michelle Diaz


    57. Annacakes^


    58. outlaw truhix

      I love Kermit the Frog so much it's funny he was doing the default dance

    59. Ваня Барбух


    60. Billy Dumaual


    61. Ela

      Wow that could

    62. Duong Nguyen

      Love you squid game

    63. Princess zia Hernandez


    64. Bryan Arreola

      Kermit the front is a very fast runner

    65. JoshRblx


    66. anti racist baby

      After this Jordan Peterson could speak no more

    67. none none

      Well fert

    68. Not Begula

      Player 457, eliminate Gi-hun: Where that dude came from?

    69. Randy Razul Mamalo


    70. Pratap Ghurung


    71. Kanye East

      R.I.P Kermit 😔

    72. Annie Lara


    73. Anime Shorts


      1. Anime Shorts


    74. Dulce Lizbeth Vera Juárez


    75. hawa saed warsame


    76. Chemsou Tajf


    77. Shko

      why the fuvk did I get this as an ad

    78. × hated child ×

      At the end is funnyᥬ🤣᭄

    79. The Trash Train

      A mobile game ad stole this, the game was called "video call from squid game" or something like thay

    80. Partha Sarathi Pattnaik

      Omg 😁😁😁

    81. Thrisha De Guzman


    82. Kermit D. Frog

      I swear to you guys this is real! I was really there! And it was very scary

    83. Roscosmos Rules

      Theirs toad

    84. Janice Alviar


    85. Alonnah Buckhannon


    86. Quazare

      I thought Kermit was gonna dodge it

    87. Prime Kaliber

      jesus christ what have you become

    88. Кот марселя

      ДА КАК

    89. Jonjie Corgio

      wada is dat a frag in there hahha😂

    90. Yiannis Hayabusa

      WOOOOOOOW MAGICAL 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯⬆️

    91. pizzadragon

      Are we going to ignore the fact that this has 73 million views

      1. Karla


      2. just some guy tired of life

        3 million more in 9 days

      3. no

        for 1 month O-O

    92. Carmen Saldana


    93. Sangita Pandey


    94. Sangita Pandey

      tyranny ttttttrrrrrr

    95. Vicky Asmar

      eh eh eh 900poline

    96. Koxumi YT

      Kermit died

    97. Bilal Khan


    98. Rafael Saldua

      y the frog is dancing?

    99. Luke Provz

      It’s not even funny and I laughed 😂

    100. Juan Sanchez

      Rip kermit