Football Sad Prank | Why People So Angry ⁉️

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NekAo official

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    1. Romel Washington

      ppl around the world call it foot ball but it’s soccer

    2. Gilda Pallares


    3. Emma so cute 😊

      We call in soccer in the USA 🇺🇸

    4. DS_zack-

      Then me and my friends : around the world volley vack

    5. Callie Edwards

      It’s a soccer ball if you didn’t know

    6. Shaira Cadorna

      A yaw nilà

    7. Abhishek Mondal

      Song name pls

    8. Ashmi Ragi

      Plzz roll the ball towards me... I will kick it back brohh💯😇

    9. HO-HO-HO

      WOW BOOM

    10. Trinity Johnson

      That’s not a football that’s a soccerball

    11. Fluffy  213

      Soccer ball

    12. 최진영 넌 내꺼야

      사람들이 생각보다 잘 안받아주네 ㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅠ큐ㅠㅠㅠ

    13. Manjunath Mana

      I love football

    14. That hockey scorbunny

      I love soccer

    15. Naveen Mehra

      The second last girl which came running and leave the ball was awful

    16. Madalena João Eva

      Faça isso em Angola 🇦🇴, não terá uma pessoa sequer que deixará a bola passar 👈🏾👌🏾

    17. Lia Morchadze


    18. Lia Morchadze


    19. Veena narain

      The firl holding a pop it :)

    20. c c

      Why is nobody talking about he's playing soccer and then says football and he's playing with his feet

    21. Azeleht De Dios

      Pobre amigo 😂

    22. Andile D

      Name of the song please 🙏

    23. CC

      Do this to my son he’s a beasssstttttt at 5

    24. Beautyful Flovil

      Is it not called soccer

    25. Kristian Torwel


    26. Инкарчик Набихановна

      Жал и во

    27. Nilmar Agmohol


    28. Charlotte Korosová


    29. Akib shahariar Rafi

      ফুটবল খেলা শুধু দেখতে ভাল লাগে নিজে খেলতে আমার ততটা ভাল লাগে না আমার ক্রিকেট খেলা দেখতে ও নিজে খেলতে দুটোই ভাল লাগে।অবশ্য এখন আর কোন কিছুই টিভিতে দেখার সুযোগ নাই পারিবারিক ব্যক্তিগত কারণে।

    30. rajni singhal

      Football is the best sport

    31. عوني عايل


    32. Cassia Brown

      Football❌ soccer✅

    33. MeMan719vg

      I hope that r ok

    34. Luize Gabrielle Queiroz

      no Brasil todos iriam jogar de volta

    35. On 60FPS YT

      It’s not called football it’s soccer

      1. NICK RUELAS

        Dude they on dif state you racist

    36. Alberto Pinto amado


    37. Kareen Sterling


    38. Kareen Sterling

      Khau graham

    39. Pryscyla Cristina


    40. Sandra Smith


    41. Carmelita Boniao


    42. Miduki


    43. renee walker


    44. Paisley Bergman


    45. Anni Uplift Game

      The first girl is so skinny

    46. super cool

      It's like real life but it's not to like I can not say it

    47. Stephanie Dickson


    48. SENBON

      I wish i can be there so i can kick it

    49. kevin soto

      Pinches estado unidenses amargados:v

    50. Karozu

      El detrás de cámaras es muy triste 😔

    51. Akshay Mohan

    52. Ana Cristina

      Tudo gente indicação

    53. Anthony Nickleberry

      Y did you do this

    54. Brenda Qur'anundhia N H

      Why 😥🙄aha amogus😎😎😎

    55. Aiden Phann

      That’s soccer not football

    56. Georgette Velez

      Dhaaaaa !!! Bad chindrens !! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    57. Rosa Maria Rendon Garduño



      Sepasa la gente😿😿😿😿😿😿😯😯😯😯😯😯

    59. kc Popek


    60. Amy Hicks

      That is a soccer ball not a football

    61. Sarah Carolina Salgado Hernandez

      Pagale el celular al chico 😐

    62. Consuelo Frausto


    63. Temple Osigwe


    64. AceBre12 YT

      I thought this was soccer?

    65. Cristiano Ronaldo official#

    66. Cristiano Ronaldo official#

    67. Cathy  Rodriguez

      The looks they give you

    68. Addysen Wood

      That’s not football that’s soccer

    69. Meili’s adventures and learning

      I wonder why the kids don’t react? I am a kid .I would react. I would kick hard as I can.

    70. lx blb

      Sad peoples

    71. ✧༺Vale yt༻✧

      Me siento mal :"v por el tipo osea las pinche personas si se la pasa >:0 osea siento pena ajena :"v

    72. patricia phiri

      How are people so rude! if it was me i would have kicked it

    73. Gimena Gervino


    74. Dark shadow

      It’s soccer not football

    75. Janett Rodriguez


    76. Emma Christie


    77. Ashley vibes

      I would pass if I was them

    78. LaQuana Nez

      A for effort

    79. Fazo Gxng

      So rude

    80. El Mundo de Abril

      I would return the ball to them

    81. itZ lamanOo

      What is this up coming generation man ! Back in the days we would smash it as hard as we can

    82. Rita Korley

      So sad

    83. Trina Bailey

      It's a Soccer Ball, This is a football---------> 🏈

    84. Dixie Smolik

      I'm sorry to be rude but I'm only eight but is it football in yer see I'm not trying to be a Karan or anything cuz it's soccer

    85. Laccarria Sims

      Why didn’t you just tell them what you’re doing

    86. Muhammad Munir


    87. fã de zepeto e de Pokémon e de naruto

      Se eu fosse essas crianças eu ia chutar a bola tão forte

    88. Patricia Ayovi


      1. Patricia Ayovi

        Está triste el corazón

    89. MasterGameplay720

      Haci es gente les presento la nueva generacion

    90. Luciana Vazquez

      Se lo que pasa los niños ya no saben que es dibertirse eso es lo que pasa 😔🖑

    91. Team Shippuden


    92. ملاك الروح

    93. Juana Figuereo

      Hay sale la mujer de danny fitt