Bugworkout taught us ! 🤩



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    1. Ariana Sankar

      the fact she went in between the chairs and sat

    2. Easy- E Newlon

      Wow you too look alike bro that is awesome

    3. Karen Worrell

      No its not clothes is believing yourself and its also love

    4. Беслан Горбаков

      Ваши видео г****

    5. Tamika Knight

      You can literally see people's brain melting in the replies to comments 💀

    6. Asha Kay

      Maybe its because she wearing jeans??

    7. Michael Casey


    8. Kelly Hilley

      Welp I'm going to the store who's coming with me?

    9. James Mclaughlin

      Don’t believe this stuff people

    10. James Mclaughlin

      Ok this does not work at all

    11. Alejandra Benitez


    12. lindy goosen


    13. แมกสยํา กสกส


    14. ~I_Am_demongamer

      🤣🤣the girl have body and she don't do this

    15. Sakis Aleksandris


    16. Айым Уалиева

      Ну да, они поменялись одеждами

    17. ذهبه سويد

      khaki jeans with black and black pants and

    18. Яна Тынчерова

      А чо она сделала?

    19. nykeyla hall

      They so mean but she did good and got some close and she got good 😁

    20. luna nordhus


    21. Cümşüd Hacıyev


    22. luis enrique solano salvador


    23. Quincy Rosier

      She looks so beautiful the pink girl

    24. Eduardo Dos Santos carneiro

      Visitinha 😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏💙💙💖💖

    25. Naiaaly Gameer


    26. Corey Anderson

      I'm wearing the same exact pants

    27. +*AnimeRhi*+

      Gurl You're working out in jeans...

    28. Asanda Sikhakhane

      I'd like to do this for my family ❤️❤️

    29. Gacha_chan

      Я же одна не поняла в чем прикол

    30. Jhonson K lazer


    31. taistooth

      wtf are those push ups

    32. Avøcado sydneyy

      Them: your so weak Her: *has abs*

    33. Hayro Agovic


    34. Alfonsina Malpede

      Non lo capita

    35. marwan black

      I am sokyut

    36. Denise Crepin korte

      idhjavjbfmsjspanxkabsjsjdbxnMansisnsjQekdfajjcotohxgisbsivkshsjjbskbshsjhMajwosnnie. 🥰

    37. Leon Fhggudh


    38. (*Audery*) (Benny)

      I cant even do any of them but i still practice

    39. memes4ever

      If you need to be good at something so they're friends with you there not your friends, your being used get out of that toxic friendship

    40. Evi Erpianto

      Jangan mandang orang dari luar

    41. Paola Fernandez Davila


    42. Shila Prodhan

      This makes so much sense cloths make you stronger and flexible

    43. Gogon Gogon


    44. 💜ARMY💜


    45. Fina Patti


      1. Fina Patti


    46. Eliene Passos


    47. 博麗☆霊夢☪️メイド化します


    48. Nésia-Lauriane Mazi

      Pourquoi elle revient près de personne hypocrite

    49. Ingrid Gobin


    50. Marzye Haidari

      OMG WOW

    51. Nj Yu


    52. Sandro Pavao Rosa


    53. Ngoc Linh


    54. Viktor Seel


    55. Viktor Seel


    56. Areeb Productions

      What is even the point of this video and why th did it get over 5M likes!?! Huh?!

    57. Alexis9299

      Soo is sport

    58. *[Wizard Cookie]*

      Lesson of the day: buy better pants and shoes

    59. Christa Fresenborg


    60. Andy Cherrett


    61. ratman sang pembolang

      Ye àmpun massalah kek gitu to emng ny

    62. mihaela Alexandrescu

      G svsuwwvwe u1ye uen h h?@f sgs0

    63. Shirish Rijal

      So fake

    64. Thu Le

      Ở đời đừng bao dờ khinh thường người khác

    65. Miss Izza


    66. Little_Aria

      Fun fact: She was wearing jeans at the start so it would look real

    67. ayam kalasan


    68. Temperament68

      Wow I would have never known that new clothes make me physically stronger. Thanks

    69. Ange Blo

      Comme par hasard on dois être Ford pour être amie

    70. Hana Ali

      I wish it worked like that

    71. Bryce Edison

      Humanity is doomed

    72. Vinay Kumar

      Super sister

    73. _xImNotFranK

      Eyoo sus

    74. Алина Аглямова


    75. Genesis Castillo

      Well the girl with the blonde hair

    76. Ah Palash Ahmed


    77. -ᴡŏ̈ʟғy̆´࿙♡

      The fact is that both of them were doing the pushups wrong 😀 but i like when ppl try 😁

    78. Rain Saylor

      You 🤣

    79. Chris Curkendall

      i saw michael Jackson

    80. 김유미


    81. starla goodmiller


    82. colin harlow

      Why did you shoe her away

    83. FÇK MÊ 😩

      Clothes make it less of a struggle to work out, they don't make you stronger or more flexible

    84. Gaming Cat

      Dont change yourself for someone else. Plus why would you then hang out with someone who didn't like you back then because you couldn't do something..? It makes no sense... What's the moral. There's no moral. It's just hang out with your friends after you learned to do the thing you couldn't do that made them not like you. Don't be friends with a person who doesn't like others for something they can't do-

    85. Maria Claudia


    86. Maria Claudia


      1. Seif Soliman

        Sama donojofvpqjo

    87. Hijrah Hijrah

      Hebat kk

    88. kim mahi💓


    89. Nivia Berrios

      That is messed up

    90. Jessica Broyal

      don't trust it

    91. shaik muhammed zakir

      ❤🙏and the class

    92. Mahek Madi


    93. Kileigh Merrill


    94. Harlow Hrivnak💖

      Wow I never new clothes made you more flexible and strong

    95. Wølf_Blak yt UwU

      Creo que eya les tendría que haberles dado una lección