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    Look sus

  2. JJ O.B.

    Dental digest

  3. James Morgan McGill

    Your automatic breathing has been disabled, feel your diaphragm

  4. Kinsley Williams

    I don’t use flavored toothpaste because I feel like it doesn’t work I use crest or Colgate…..

  5. Tayhla Kizana

    Buy disclosing tablets here🟣🟣🟣🟣🟣 (I follow your TikTok

  6. Mugiii Mugiii

    Mugii from India 😉😉😎

  7. neel kanekar

    This guy never cleans his tough

  8. Taraji Jefferson

    He did the umm Megan Thee Stallion tongue when he sticks out his tongue he said😂🙂

  9. Lyka Puno


  10. chaziel james

    I heard that its not a hospital toothbrush, its some kinda sponge that wet someones lips

  11. Samuthira Pandian

    Can you do blackpink

  12. † MrNight †

    Ar u hungry?

  13. Hakai Suijin

    What too lazy to hold a toothbrush? lmao

  14. Taraji Jefferson

    You always brush your teeth 🦷

  15. YouTubemonai11 40

    Il french

  16. Marcia Gomes

    Yh where can I buy it??

  17. Taraji Jefferson

    Where did you get that purple disclosing time from

  18. AceZZZ Club

    Wait can i know why after you like use that thing you did not rinse your mouth? Idk cuz after i use like toothbrush and other thing to clean my mouth i always rinse it

  19. the toxicwaste22

    When you spit out that thing i got scared and blinked

  20. ISG4

    This makes the banana toothbrush look like it did great results

  21. Gamble Fin

    people nonsense nowadays really?1m likes??😆

  22. Maggie’s Life

    How do you chew it that’s weird

  23. Vlada Vasic

    Lets find out how to speak like a normal human and not like a 23 old virgin playing all day and night Warzone


    Bruh i think not like that to use🗿

  25. Gav’s art


  26. daniel hermawan


  27. Merina Maxwell

    3030 singing toothpaste

  28. Apter The Mad Raptor

    What all of you expected from chewy tooth brush? Huh? Something good? Welp yeah, no.

  29. Luke Triton

    my god those teeth biting sounds sound like Chatterer

  30. Luke Triton

    when he did the mouth thing and chewing thing it reminds me of that hellraiser character Chatterer

  31. Sudha Sudha

    You have to use the round thing

  32. Aman Tamky


  33. Mikyla Smiles

    This dude says he has stained teeth but how long has he been doing this for

  34. Wheeljack

    That toothbrush would be good to give to little kids who are learning how to brush their teeth and are picky about which toothbrush to use.

  35. Aman Tamky


  36. Aman Tamky


  37. Arun Sinha

    Bro u should put up yt name dental digest aka fat glob

  38. Aman Tamky


  39. erjon kutrolli


  40. Kaberi Samal

    Very funny

  41. Hussain Al Attar

    Where are you from Anthony

  42. Christian Jusi


  43. Ronald Maxwell

    This video is disgusting.. what's wrong with this guy

  44. Ammar Danish

    Me after watching this:MOM CAN WE BUY CACA NO NEED BANANA

  45. Jaya Kumar


  46. iiq_Sienna

    Teacher: what are you chewing on? Student: my toothbrush.

  47. Shoulda had pants

    If I wanted a dental checkup and this guy had a clinic right beside my house....after watching this, I would not go there. Yeah no shit 4 bristles and a rubber slab would be shit at cleaning your teeth.

  48. Jaya Kumar

    Imagine going to his bathroom there will be 100000 tooth brush and paste lamo

  49. Kaberi Samal

    Good very nice

  50. Brielia

    how tf would he know if it worked when he didn’t even wash the purple shi off his teeth???

  51. boyfign🖤


  52. Mohammad Kashif

    Don't know why...but I'm watching him brushing for last 2 hours..😂😂 love u bro❤️❤️

  53. hannah Kirkpatrick

    This would probably only be useful when you’re out in public for after a meal or smth

  54. Sandra Spitse


  55. boyfign🖤


  56. boyfign🖤


  57. boyfign🖤


  58. boyfign🖤


  59. boyfign🖤


  60. Saurav Gandhi

    Have you ever tried NEEM chewing twigs?

  61. boyfign🖤


  62. Silike Silike Gamer

    "Does not work well at cleaning my teeth" Also his teeth: Shining white

  63. jinn vlogs

    Pin me Finally tooth brush from india

  64. Leigh Ellen Barnett

    Cool mints tho

  65. Me Me

    Can you not add the sound of the chewing please

  66. soltan pasir dua butir


  67. Sara Reynolds

    Is f****** realized this guy is never going to get cavities because his ARfast channel is literally brushing his teeth

  68. Percy Samsung

    Pretty sure he started with purple stains and it switched to pink 🧐

  69. Jaiden Love

    I just opened up minecraft and it said free dental should I ask

  70. Kevin

    Imagine someone visiting your home and had to use the restroom : wait a second Am I in a tooth brush world 😱

  71. Aleksandra Baron

    C O P Y C A T. Shame on you!

    1. Flippy4k Nothing

      you're talking about 90% of tiktok and ARfast short content creator

  72. isuru herath

    Spicy 🥵 Uhhhhhhh

  73. Monisola Elliott

    Choking hazard